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Meet The Team

Our software engineering team has a combined 25 years of programming experience. Our engineers have learned and implemented their talents not only through the respective universities that they have attended but also through their jobs in the private and public sectors.


AES drives its core principles of value, integrity, technical vision and accountability through its experienced, focused executive team.

Leonid Nikolaychik, Ph.D., CEO

Leonid Nikolaychik, Ph.D., CEO
As a founder and team leader, Leonid Nikolaychik is responsible for driving AES leading edge technology. He has over 30 years of scientific, engineering and project management experience, with special expertise in heat and mass transfer studies; fluid dynamics; drying technology; heat conduction; diffusion; evaporation; computer modeling and software development; design, simulation and optimization. His multiple degrees include a Ph.D. in Thermal Engineering from the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Academy of Sciences, Kiev, USSR and a master’s degree in Computer Science from State University, Minsk, USSR. During his career he has been granted 34 patents and published over 40 articles.

Jon Stein, Executive Vice President of Global Operations.

Jon Stein, Executive Vice President of Global Operations.
Customer service, customer satisfaction and inter-corporate communication are paramount to successful Global Operations. His primary goal is to deliver the extremely qualified, professionally diverse international team of developers, engineers and programmers right to your front door while saving your company considerable capital, guaranteed. Jon is the newest member of the AES team. His personal qualities, leadership, and his progressive management style ensure company cohesion. He has studied at Lake Forrest College in Illinois, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cardinal Stritch University with a background in Web development and consulting.

Whether AES is strategically building your new Web-based application, upgrading your existing applications or helping you create an e-commerce website, Jon helps to make your customer experience satisfying and complete.

Kris Showman, Chief Technical Consultant.

Kris Showman, Chief Technical Consultant.
Working primarily as an offsite consultant for AES, Kris develops and maintains both local and web-based applications used for networking, data security, file-management, file-backup and maintenance, data auditing and data-mapping. He provides support, analysis and problem resolution for existing systems and procedures, and evaluates the feasibility of any new processes or applications.

He has 20 years of experience in information systems and application development and maintenance, as well as database design and management. He also has experience in systems management and project management, and has participated in numerous system conversions. He has developed various web-based and object-oriented applications. Prior to working for AES, Kris worked for several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to computing, Kris’ other skills include music performance and composition, digital audio production, digital imaging and processing, digital video photography and editing, and DVD authoring. His hobbies include photography, hiking and traveling in his motor home.

Lana Bendersky, Director Projects.

Lana Bendersky, Projects Director.
She has over 20 years of experience in analysis, design, development and maintenance of business and scientific computer applications, including Telephone Billing and Switch Processing, PeopleSoft Financial and HR Systems. Lana has designed and developed software and algorithms for simulations of heat and mass transfer in rheological fluids. She was a subject matter expert on numerous projects and has an expertise in project management. She worked on different platforms utilizing various computer languages and is fluent with relational database management systems, such as DB2, Oracle, SQL Server. Lana is a dedicated and self-motivated team leader and team player. She easily absorbs and applies new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies.  Lana has a master’s degree in Physics and Financial Planning certification from UCLA. Lana enjoys classical music, rollerblading and dancing.

Sergey Steshenko, Chief Technical Officer.

Sergey Steshenko, Chief Technical Officer.
Sergey brings over 25 years of experience in software development with a strong background in many aspects of technology, ranging from designing and coding in Java and C++ to coming up with strategic implementation plans for large scale enterprise/web-based systems.  His credentials and experience include sophisticated systems design, problem solving, business management and extensive, high-level programming. He combines strong analytical and communication skills with a results-oriented, collaborative and innovative approach. In addition to his technical skills, Sergey has a master’s degree from the Moscow Institute of Management.


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