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Project Stories

The following project descriptions are a representative sample of our experience.  Note that some of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be displayed here.

“Dry Sprinkler System Calculation” program. This program did not exist before. Now, this software is being approved by “Underwriters Laboratories” for use in the Fire Sprinkler Industry. Patent is pending.

“Risk Management System” is operating by multiple company departments with different business roles and security rights. Procedural workflow manages the process on each step including automatic time stamp driven message generation.  System allows detailed expense, claim and product tracking. Comprehensive reporting tools is crucial for users.  The software performs simple “filter and print” type of report performed on most tables and specific custom tailored printouts.  The program also generates massive intelligent e-mailing and “mail merge” style reporting for selected set of claimants, sites, incidents, etc.

Another example of wed-based application developed by AES is “SprinkCAD Account Management” software.  The program is operating by on of the departments of the company with different business roles and security rights.  SprinkCAD Accounts Management Software is Web Based solution for account management, customer support, and software license on-line renewal.

The “Security Management Program” is connected with the SprinkCAD Account Management Software, which was also developed by AES.  The package handles Licensing Scheme, Renewals and Lock Transfer to and from Remote Users.

We have created several web-based solutions to accommodate the browser-based environment.  These include a browser based “Survey” application storing all information in a database for future retrieval, a portal is designed to be customized by the end user.
Surveys, Evaluations, Tests – Comprehensive Web Based Application for Marketing, HR, Testing, etc.
As, an example of engineering application, AES developed a proprietary software package “DryCalc”.  It is a stand-alone Windows based program perfect for engineers who are involved with drying equipment design or production.  “DryCalc” is a fully integrated software package especially designed for the coating, printing and film industries. “DryCalc” assists both manufacturers and users in the design, modification, optimization, evaluation and purchase of drying systems. Its ability to analyze and change drying conditions helps in reducing drying time and improving drying efficiency; thereby, increasing productivity and profitability.

AES, Inc. was participating in the development of Voice Application for Parus Interactive’s application development and testing framework, which separates the application speech and web user interface.


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