AES is serious about making Technology work for you. We provide 24/7 customer support. We have the IT solution you've been looking for.

AES Services - The Strength of Global Experience

AES technology and process expertise is the foundation of all of our service offerings. With AES as your IT partner, you can reach your business goals faster, cheaper and better.

AES provides expert teams, headed by Group Leaders assigned to each project. Each team member is responsible for his/her own assigned task - from architecture to testing - without being micromanaged by the Team Leader. We've mastered the art of remote teams working seamlessly together.

Motivation is the key. Most excellent developers actually enjoy working on challenging projects. It is a management challenge to create an environment where tough deadlines are not a constant stress generator, but rather an ambitious goal and a source of pride when the task is accomplished.

AES develops complex custom software for clients throughout the world. We are experts at creating applications with unusual user interface requirements, have significant real-time performance constraints, or that require efficient access to large quantities of data.


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